Syrian Event

Thank you to everyone who supported our evening of support and education with Adeebah Alnemar, her husband Ibrahim Aldabaan and Jake Halpern, pulitizer prize winner for his graphic novel: Welcome to the New World (click here for article). Archbishop Blair, and diocesan leaders as well as Adeebah’s family and Jake were deeply moved by the generous and welcoming spirit of our parish family. The committee of Mary Caputo, Nancy Latif, Beth Rocco, Nancy Wildt and Laurie Janecko are compiling a list of suggestions for the parish to support the refugees living in West Hartford.  Please contact the Faith Formation Office for more information at 860-521-2904.

Adeebah and Family



We join with Pope Francis in the campaign to “Share The Journey” of migrants and refugees. More information about “Share the Journey” is available at