Dut's Village, South Sudan

The new school being built in Dut Tong's village, Akoch Atong

The original school holds 2 classrooms for grades 7 & 8


Construction on the new school building begins

Dut at the construction site - brick by brick the school is built

The old school and the new school

Dut talking with the children and handing out items donated from St. Peter Claver Church


St. Peter Claver's own former "Lost Boy of Sudan", Dut Tong is founder and President of the Akoch Atong Village Project foundation. On March 3, 2017, Dut departed on a two month Mission, a trip that took 3 flights, a bus, and a long walk down a dirt road to his remote village. He brought a Bible, over 300 Rosaries from the Children's Rosary Ministry, school supplies, and funds to complete the village school, all of these donated through St. Peter Claver Parish. The goal for 2017 was to raise funds for a sustainable crop expert to ease extreme famine. Check out the foundation on Facebook by searching for Akoch Atong Village Contact akochatong@gmail.com for more information.